YouTube Videos That Will Soothe Your Mind in Less than 10 Minutes

Are there times when you are overwhelmed?

When a person gets into a state of being angry, afraid, depressed or feels other negative emotions that start affecting the sleep quality, relationships and mental well being of them and the people around, it is time to relax and clear the mind till it is capable of taking decisions and making choices that are right.

When a person is mentally into a rampage of anger, despair and other such emotions, it becomes difficult for them to change their state of mind and calm down with their own efforts.

Some people have trouble in falling asleep because of poor mental and emotional state and may end up involved in substance abuse to find some relief.

This is why I am writing about the most influential YouTube videos that I have used over the years to calm down or fall sleep every time depending on what I wanted.

Every video mentioned below is useful for a different purpose. Keep reading to figure out which one serves you best.

Kelly Howell – Secret Universal Mind Meditation

If an earthling had the power of Mantis (from guardians of the galaxy), it would probably be Kelly Howell.

No, you won’t hear her say “SLEEP” in the clip and fall asleep.

But this meditation is designed to be listened to while falling asleep and you will start to relax after 2 minutes of listening to her and fall asleep soon after that. I fall asleep within the first 5 minutes every time i hear the meditation. Earphones Recommended.

Jess Shepherd

Jess is a gifted energy therapist from Australia.

If you are not trying to sleep but just want somebody to talk you out of negativity in a really short time, she is the one. Her voice is soothing. That coupled with the background music that she uses will calm you down and bring a sense of relief to the person who hears her. The videos are short and you will start to feel her magic in the first few minutes itself. Below are links to my favourite videos from her:

You are Energy: For Everyone Who Wants to Feel Good

How to soothe feelings of overwhelm

Louise Hay Sleep Talk Down to Heal From Resentment Against Someone

The title says that it is a 40 minute meditation but it is actually a sleep talk down. Her content is very comforting. If you hold resentment against somebody, this is something you to listen to while falling asleep. You will surely be relaxed within the first 10 minutes of listening to it.

Fearless Soul

This channel has a lot of short length videos to help you heal and grow as an individual. They’ll help you to deal with the issue and give you a better perspective. Below are some of my favourites from them:

The Best Revenge : If you hold grudges

This Is Not The End: A Must Listen If You Are Depressed

Don’t Ask Permission To Be Great: If You Have Lost Faith In Your Abilities

I hope these videos helped anyone who needed it. This post is not sponsored and these videos are my personal favourites. Do Like/ Subscribe to their channel if you feel that their videos helped you.

Leave a comment if you know about another video that might be useful for other readers 🙂

*The images are royalty free

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