The Dish That Delays Aging Better Than Collagen Tablets

Buying health Insurance may or may not give you a return, (well, why would anyone even want a return from an Insurance company at the cost of their own health? :p ) but investing in your own body definitely gives returns over time and that’s the kind of payback you would love.

Collagen tablets are trending around the world and their prices are already on fire!


For those who do not know:

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in animal bodies. It is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin. – Wikipedia


As we age, out body becomes deficient of collagen and that is how ageing starts.An increase in collagen levels is a boon for the skin and bones. It is proven to be more effective than medicines in treating arthritis (osteoporosis type).

Expensive Anti Aging Lotions Try To Boost The Regeneration Ability Of The Skin But None Of Them Are As Effective As THIS Simple Dish.

Bone Broth

(पाए का सूप )


It can be made from chicken, goat, lamb or beef. The animal should basically be grass fed.

It is rich in Collagen, Calcium, Amino acids, Magnesium and a lot of other nutrients that reduce inflammation and improve the quality of bones and skin.

I have a friend whose 95 year old grandfather was revived from his death bed after the family fed him bone broth everyday for 3 months, and it gave him the strength to walk again without using his walker. (Do NOT take this as a medical advice for curing any condition.).

I am posting links to the recipe below.

Bone Broth Recipe (English) – Cata Body and Table

और ये है संजीव कपूर की हिंदी वाली रेसिपी जिसका टाइटल मै इंग्लिश में लिख सकती थी पर आज मेरा हिंदी में टाइप करने का मन हो रहा है 😉 😉

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13 thoughts on “The Dish That Delays Aging Better Than Collagen Tablets

  1. What about the vegetarians :)?. It is true that Eating healthy has a lot of benefits and aging can be one of those. I also made the similar mistake of misspelling the word “aging” to “ageing” earlier… You can rectify it otherwise, it is a helpful article.

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    1. Hi 🙂 Thanks.. I have rectified it now… I’ll do my research about a vegetarian alternative and come up with an article about it soon 🙂


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