Being Alone VS Being Lonely

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder And Judgment Lies In Their Brains πŸ˜‰

There is not much difference one can identify on looking at when someone who is alone vis a vis someone who is lonely. But there is a huge difference, mostly internal.


This post is not for anybody trying to judge someone else but for the person who is alone or lonely to identify their real category. Sometimes, a person’s ego may not let them realize their real feelings and mistake depression for stubbornness and loneliness for the will to be alone.

Even though a person’s truest guide to their feelings is their own self, many people have shut the window to their own emotions to escape negative feelings which hurt. The following three criteria will help in identifying whether you love being alone and drawing a fine and prominent line between being lonely or alone.

You Feel Satisfied When You Are Alone


Being alone gives you immense satisfaction. You feel rejuvenated after you have had your “ME Time” and all set to face the rest of your day or perhaps get a restful sleep.

You Try To Buy Yourself Some Time For Being Alone After A Busy Day


After you have been busy for some time, you probably make an excuse to not go out with your people and stay back alone in the company of your own amazing self and do what you love doing, even if it is just laying down and listening to music.

You Go Nuts If You Don’t Get To Spend Time Alone For Many Days

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You crave your me time. period. If you don’t get to have it for some days in a row, you will probably end up being less effective at doing your thing because of you not getting your dosage of rejuvenation time. Just like a grumpy cat! πŸ˜€

If it turns out that you love being alone, that’s pretty cool! But if it is the other way around, better late than never to try getting out of a state of mind that doesn’t feel good.

After all, happiness really is a choice! πŸ˜€

69 thoughts on “Being Alone VS Being Lonely

      1. I am glad to tell I am alone but not lonely. 😊
        I too wrote something about solitude and loneliness. Give it a read whenever you can. I would love your feedback.

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      1. Ohh wow!!…
        Indore is my favorite city of India since I read the news that Indore is the cleanest city of India on The Tribune….
        I’m impressed by your city’s work..

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      2. Thank you so much dear! πŸ™‚ Yes it is very clean.. the municipal corp works on it even during the night.. the roads are cleaned with machines..

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      3. That’s Brilliant…
        Hats off To Indore…
        We have done so much Introduction even in public….. I guess…

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  1. Great post! ❀ I definitely need my alone time, so I was like "yup," "yup," "yup!" as I read through this. lol Couldn't agree more with the points you made. My alone time is when I can just fully relax and recharge after being around people all day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh wow, it’s true – sometimes I assume I’m depressed but truthfully I’m feeling lonely. Because I’m naturally a loner, I now attack the issue by organising a night out with friends. Does the trick!

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  3. You make a fantastic point when you say that many people shut the windows to their emotions. I think that is the key idea in becoming self aware; to allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings. It’s the firs step in learning to love yourself, which is different than an inflated ego but necessary for living a life of true happiness.

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  4. Insightful and very true as I lone traveler presently in Penang Malaysia I revel in my adventures many places I will be the only black man. Spoken English will be a hit or miss but if you open yourself up people are drawn to you so when I want company I do so. I am often along but with so much stimulation out in this big world so far I’m haven’t felt loneliness.

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    1. Hi tanya, i’d love to read your blog too. But i suggest, you put this across in a better manner while you’re commenting on other posts otherwise people may mark it as spam.


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